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What is AdpackPro?

AdpackPro is an Online Advertising Platform and is just one of the many businesses managed by the company of Swiss origin OneVision Holding AG, devoted to online marketing products, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and new technologies.

The affiliates of AdpackProcan promote their products on the platform by way of banners, text ads and videos.

AdpackPro is the gateway to enter a business group that will permit you to create multiple sources of income by promoting various products through its affiliate program.

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Buy your AdPacks

Packages Text Ads, Banners, Videos.

Configure your AdPacks

Create your ads. If you do not have to announce the system will provides it.

View Ads

You must click 10 ads a day to participate in profit sharing.

Withdraw Money

You can apply whenever you want directly to your bank account.

How do we make Money in AdpackPro?

In addition to the earnings you can receive by promoting and selling your products on the platform and the improved positioning of your webpage thanks to the traffic you will have, the Ad Packs also provide you with an income. These are the characteristics of the platform:

  • Each Adpack (advertising pack) costs 25€ and ends up producing 30€ (120% return). Adpacks are currently expiring on and around 120-180 days from the time of purchase.
  • When you buy the Adpack you can then decide what kind of advertising you want to place i.e., text ads or banners of different sizes.
  • You receive an invoice for each one of your purchases or repurchases.
  • Each Adpack provides you with 10,000 impressions and 100 guaranteed clicks of your ad.
  • Your direct referrals will generate you 11% commission of all purchases and repurchases. And referrals of your 2nd level, i.e. the referrals of your direct referrals, will generate you commissions of 7% of all purchases and repurchases. If you intend to build a team of referrals, this last point is fantastic!!!
  • The maximum number of AdPacks that an affiliate can have is 3,000 units.
  • There is an annual membership that is paid basis the number of Adpacks. The free membership option only entitles you to the commissions of your first level referrals, as you can see from the following table:

  • AdpackPro was launched April 2016 and currently has affiliates throughout Europe, mainly from Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Greece.


The Holding One Vision

The company behind this advertising platform is a Corporation called "OneVision Holding AG" based in Switzerland, headed by 5 owners, each with extensive experience in their respective fields (sales, finance, online marketing, SEO), and which hold senior positions in the management of the company.

The company markets various internet and new technology related programs. AdPackPro is one of those programs (lead generation of visitors and web traffic exchange). There are several other programs available apart from AdpackPro, such as a very successful SEO academy, directed by one of the shareholders of OneVision Holding AG, Mr. Jeroen Smid, who is considered one of the most prestigious and renowned experts on SEO in Europe. There is also a very practical price comparison application, SmartShopper, where besides finding the same product at better prices you as an affiliate can also obtained commissions for marketing it.

The company is registered and governed by the tax laws of Switzerland
You can see this on the following site Click Here

Our Verdict

After carefully analysing the entire project, we have found many points in favour, but we also found some that require improvement. However we know from the management that they are currently working to improve every aspect of the platform.

Reasons to Join AdpackPro

  • The AdPacks are at a very affordable price (25€) making it easy for people with financial difficulties to buy and begin generating an income without requiring a large investment.
  • When you buy an AdPack and you pay with your credit card, there are no additional costs (taxes, management fees, etc..) in other words each AdPack costs 25€ full stop.
  • When you buy an Adpack you can decide what kind of advertising you want i.e. text ads or banners of different sizes.
  • There’s no payment processor. The company pays you directly from their corporate account to your bank account within 5 -7 days.
  • You can make up to 4 withdrawals per month without additional costs (NO COMMISSIONS!!), thereafter you will be charged 10€ for each withdrawal.
  • One of OneVision Holding’s services is the dispatch of MasterCard and Maestro cards, so you can apply for your Mastercard and/or Maestro card to withdraw your commissions or purchase goods and services.
  • If you build an extensive team, the income you can generate can be spectacular, 11% of your first level and 7% of your second level.
  • The Adapcks, must be used. If you don’t have anything to advertise, the system gives you the option to randomly assign one of their ads in the system. In this way it ensures that all the affiliates are running ads and therefore generating traffic within the platform.
  • The timing is ideal, especially for the Hispanic market, but even for the English speaking market. At present affiliates are mainly from Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Austria. We ar beginning to see affiliates in the UK, but still very few.
  • The company is registered in Switzerland, governed by Swiss Law and is part of a holding company – not a single owner.
  • The Holding company sells other new tech and Internet related products which as an affiliate you have the opportunity to market and obtain commissions.
  • There is a lot of work to do but with determination and a strong work ethic, we will all achieve amazing results!!!
  • The 5 Owners are of a certain age with an unblemished career in the business world and experts in their respective fields. With this in mind it is unlikely they would now tarnish their reputation by launching a project that was not viable.

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